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AdviceLink values trust, genuine care, and community growth


I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up; I wanted them to live longer than me. Sadly, my pop passed away in 2019. My 90-year-old nan had been telling us for years, she 'had Centrelink under control'. She is a proud lady and struggles to accept help, so it was easier not to argue. When she moved into care, our family sat down to figure out the cost, her affordability and how long this could last. It was clear to me she was being overpaid from Centrelink in the process. I honestly believe my nan's best efforts to update Centrelink of her situation fell short due to a complex system. I was grateful to have the skills and time to communicate with Centrelink to understand her current assessment and get it right. 


My mother, my hero, is an intelligent woman who raised three children and worked full time as a teacher. After retiring, mum was not clear if she qualified for any benefit. She was not clear about what assets counted for her and her partner.  So she took no action until I raised

this with her.  She and her partner are now on the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.


I started AdviceLink as a way of helping more people. More nans and pops, mums and dads and other loved ones with claiming and maintaining their Social Service benefits.


Advisers have their client's best interests in mind and often have long-standing relationships with them, seeing them through many life changes. Operating in a continually changing regulatory environment, I wanted to assist them with minimal impact on their practice.

At the heart of what we do, AdviceLink values Trust, Genuine Care, and Community Growth. We focus on client outcomes that achieve these.  Our real hope is for a system that genuinely supports the community through social services, so we can continue to work towards a client's best outcome and improving the process.


Sheena Stow-Smith


Sheena is Founder and Managing Director of AdviceLink, an outsource Centrelink administration service, known for providing Social Service expertise and supporting advisers to grow their business with an offering that is highly valued by their clients.

Having held various positions in the industry since 2003, she has gained invaluable experience in paraplanning, business system operations, process development, office management and financial advising.

Sheena is motivated to simplify the complex. Particularly those issues causing distress to clients and advisers. AdviceLink was not only created from her years of experience in the industry and desire to support clients with Centrelink and Aged Care administration, but also from personal discussions with her Nan and other family, who experienced anguish over the social service process. A process that creates confusion around entitlements and sends poorly worded automated requests.

AdviceLink is the leading outsource Centrelink administration company. Driven by achievements around its core values of Trust, Genuine Care and Community Growth, Sheena hopes that one day, we won’t need the AdviceLink service and she can go figure out the next complex issue.