AdvcieLink and Asendium Webinar: Centrelink Advice for a Pandemic

During normal times, Centrelink is a complex and disjointed system. When the country needs its services the most, the inefficiencies of the system are highlighted. With financial advisers inundated with requests for access to superannuation, they know accessing social security benefits can provide additional support, however, dealing with the complex Centrelink system can be frustrating – even for planners.

This webinar will deep dive into how financial advisers can efficiently incorporate Centrelink Advice into their service offering without needing to invest too much time dealing with Centrelink.

Joining us for this thought leadership webinar is:

*Scott Miller - CEO of Asendium, an Australian Regtech renowned for reducing the compliance burden for financial planners by up to 90%.

*Sheena Stow-Smith – Founder and Managing Director of AdviceLink, a Centrelink outsourcing service centred around working collaboratively with financial planners and their clients to create a seamless Centrelink experience.

Key takeaways - Centrelink Advice For A Pandemic:

🔥Changes to the JobSeeker, JobKeeper and COVID Supplements will occur from 24th of September onwards.

🔥Under the recent COVID 19, the national cabinet passed over 50 policy decisions affecting Services Australia. Services Australia were handling 3 million calls in one day, processing the same number of claims in days that usually get processed in years.

🔥Centrelink’s standard process timeframe is 48 days, however, over 30% of claims are not achieved within this timeframe. In the event that claims take more than 84 days, Centrelink may disregard these claims.

🔥AdviceLink takes the administration burden of offering Centrelink Advice, while leaving the financial planner focuses on building stronger client relationships.

Thanks for your valuable time and insights Sheena Stow-Smith. Thank you for hosting Scott Miller and Asendium.

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