A Wednesday Win – Centrelink pay a lump sum over $25,000

When clients don’t know where to start or who to turn to, it is great to be able to assist and be part of the journey that changes their life.

Meet Paul and Lisa; successful small business owners now retired to a happy coastal life. However, before seeking professional advice, they were unsure of their Centrelink benefits, having attempted to apply and given up on the process due to ties to companies in the process of winding down.

They were lucky to speak to a professional who firstly, advised a Centrelink benefit was possible and secondly, referred the claim burden to us at AdviceLink providing us as little as information already on file and getting a client signature.

I am happy to report their successful claim and our achievement in obtaining them back payment totaling $25,000. By resubmitting the claim correctly, we were able to achieve back payment to the original failed claim plus the missed economic support supplements and pharmaceuticals benefits. Paul and Lisa are happy to pay for service; with an additional $24,000 plus per annum in cashflow and over $25,000 lump sum.

We saved the clients time and the hassle of dealing with Centrelink for their complex situation, in which I fear so many would have just given up. Paul and Lisa are forever grateful to their professional adviser – and I’d like to think AdviceLink Services also.

Be the support your clients need and talk to us today.

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